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We are a family owned and run company who specialise in all types of concrete Perth services. Starting from shed slabs, liquid limestone, decorative concrete, honed, polished concrete, concrete pools and concrete driveways, we are one of the only concrete companies in Perth who have the ability to give you a truly unique product, offering you a completely customised choice.

We offer a fantastic concrete Perth service and all our work is guaranteed. Give us a call today for an obligation free quote.


Exposed Aggregate Perth

Exposed aggregate finishes are emerging as beautiful and sturdy architectural paving. The ‘exposed’ surface of exposed aggregate concrete reveals the natural textures of numerous stones like pebble, shells, or silicate and crushed Quarry stone and is available in a range of aggregate/mix and colour combinations for contemporary home and commercial applications.


Polished & Honed Concrete

Polished & honed concrete is used to describe a variety of decorative concrete flooring options which leave a concrete surface exposed as the final floor finish. It combines the strength of concrete with the beauty of polished stone and provides a custom finish to concrete floors, bench tops, counters, columns and mantles.

Special aggregates are usually chosen to give a polished stone appearance. Aggregate colours, types (round or crushed), sizes, mineral-content, etc can all be selected and blended to produce a variety of finishes including polished granite-type (reconstituted stone) finishes. Hard aggregates such as quartz and igneous rocks (eg granite) are preferred as they polish well and provide an excellent wearing surface.


Liquid Limestone

Limestone is a modern and durable alternative to your outdoor areas. As well as being cooler to walk on, limestone paving is stronger than other paving and does not suffer from the traditional problems of other forms of brick and stove paving with weeds proliferating your landscaped areas.


Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is a very popular decorative concrete that can come in many different colours. It provides an outdoor paving alternative for commercial concrete Perth paving & landscaping, concrete driveways, swimming pool surrounds, garden paths and outdoor entertaining areas.


Grey Concrete

Versatile and reliable, concrete is always a popular option for many home and commercial applications including ground slabs, footpaths, foundations and general concrete paving.

Concrete Services

Concrete is durable, strong, affordable, and versatile, which makes it ideal for any kind of surface. If you are finalizing plans for your concrete project, Absolute Space is the best concrete contractor offering services in Perth and the surrounding areas.

Excellent Concrete Services

We work with a team of experienced and qualified individuals who are passionate about their jobs. We strive to offer high-quality concrete services to all our clients. We specialize in providing a wide range of services such as concrete repair, concrete design, concrete resurfacing, concrete floors, and concrete pools.

We shall work on various surfaces both inside and outside your home to give you an appealing finish. Whether you are looking to improve your garage floor, pavers, repairing a crack, or even getting curing services, our team is qualified to execute their tasks excellently. We also work on your walkways and swimming pool decks to improve their aesthetic value.

Are you searching for concrete resurfacing services? Perhaps you are tired of seeing your cracked, crumbling, or even stained concrete. Get in touch with us through the available contact details on our website.

Our team of customer support representatives will be glad to answer any of your concrete resurfacing questions and provide the necessary recommendations. We are experienced enough to work with all concrete surfaces.

We strive to work together with our clients in order to deliver the ideal concrete sealer services depending on their needs and budget. Working with us guarantees you excellent quality, durability, and exceptional results.

Our wide range of concrete services includes:

Colored Concrete

Are you fascinated by colors? Do you look forward to having a colorful stamped concrete finishing? Get in touch with us and we shall discuss your needs as well as give you a cost-friendly quotation for your concrete project. We have a ready mix for our clients who need immediate services.

Concrete Driveway

At Absolute Scape, we utilize high-grade concrete for your outdoor surfaces such as the driveway. We adhere to the set guidelines by all regulatory organizations to ensure that our clients get value for their money. Further, we use good quality cement, concrete sealer, and slabs to reinforce your structures.

Garage Floor

The garage is one of the most important structures in your home. Apart from being a haven for cars, many people keep their most valued items in the garage. Therefore, the garage should have a good quality concrete finishing to guarantee durability.

We will work on the sidewalk leading to your garage and furnish it with the best concrete construction materials available in the market today. We keep a tab on the latest products in the market in a bid to provide our clients with the best concrete services.

Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs offer a critical foundation where your intended structure stands. You need to utilize a reinforced slab that can withstand and secure the structure appropriately. At Absolute Scape, we have the best concrete products to lay a strong and safe slab.


From our professional, experienced, and passionate team to our exceptional concrete services, we are confident of our ability to serve our clients and provide them with satisfactory services.

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