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Does Polished Concrete
Floors Scratch Easily?

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Does Polished Concrete Floors Scratch Easily?

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How Strong
Are Polished Floors?

Polished concrete is one of the strongest and most resilient floor types in the market. This makes it highly resistant to scratches and therefore polished concrete floors don’t scratch easily. For this reason, polished concrete is commonly used in high traffic areas like industries and corridors.

Apart from being highly resistant to scratches, there are other benefits associated with concrete floors.

As one of the most common flooring materials, polished concrete offers the user numerous advantages. Over the years, it has become one of the most preferred flooring options for production floors, offices, manufacturing and processing plants, and communal spaces in industrial facilities. Polished concrete is an excellent flooring option for high traffic areas.

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The advantages of
polished concrete

Long Lasting

When properly installed and sealed, you can expect polished floors to last up to 100 years. With proper maintenance, this type of flooring will give you decades of service, regardless of where it is installed. It can withstand even the harshest conditions. This lifespan surpasses that of any other type of flooring, including laminated wood floors and vinyl tile floors. With this possibility of service, installing polished concrete floors will save you money as you will never need to replace them. See pricing for polished concrete floors here 

Easy Maintenance

Once installed, polished concrete is very easy to maintain. You only need to use a broom or dust mop to keep it clean every day. You can mop the flooring with a damp mop once a week to get rid of accumulated scuffs, smudging, or watermarks, and to restore the shine. You may need to perform additional polishing, depending on the finish you used on your concrete floor.


Apart from offering you years of service without needing replacement, installing polished concrete floors is also very affordable. It costs between $2 and $30 per square foot to install. You can save more if you already have a concrete slab in place. Even though the initial cost of installation in large areas may be high, the lifetime service it offers will ensure you do not spend money on replacement.

Wide Range of Designs

When installing polished concrete, you will have a wide array of textures and colors to choose from. It is also possible to add decorative stencils and engravings into your surface. This is a perfect option for corridors and offices that prefer something out of the ordinary.

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More Benefits

They are sanitary

When properly installed, polished concrete is resistant to fluid and moisture. The coating provides a waterproof top surface. This way, the concrete is sealed and protected from contamination. It is also possible to make your floors anti-microbial by using the anti-microbial coating.

Slip, Chemical and Thermal Shock Resistant

Polished concrete floors are ideal for high moisture levels as they are slip-resistant. They are also porous, which protects the flooring from corrosion due to harsh chemical spills. Polished concrete floors are also thermal shock-resistant.

VOC Free

Polished concrete floors do not contain VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which can be harmful. This gives them an edge over other flooring options such as vinyl carpets, hardwood floors as well as synthetic carpets.

Static Resistant

Polished concrete floors are anti-static. This makes them perfect for areas where static sensitive machinery is usedT

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If you are looking for flooring ideas or a new concrete design, a polished floor provides a smoothness surface that transforms a porous concrete floor into a tightened floor. Contact us today, your polished concrete experts for superior flooring solutions.