Like exposed aggregate, your polished concrete floor will only last long with proper care, ideally, polished concrete should last a lifetime provided you had a proper installation.

Polished concrete is a multiple-step procedure through which concrete floors are mechanically prepared, sharpened, and polished using joined abrasives to trim the surface of the concrete floor. Eventually, it’s polished to get a certain appearance. This procedure involves the use of a hardener, a penetrant chemical which penetrates through the concrete to trigger a chemical reaction. This not only hardens the surface but it also dustproof it.

Can You Polish Old Concrete?

Nearly all concrete floors can be polished save for some exceptions. New floors may not need any special combination process to get good results. It’s however, worth noting that the floor needs to be approximately 28 days prior to the polishing process. This is necessary as it guarantees proper curing.

Customers can choose to have a smooth installation from the word go which plays a major role when it comes to reducing the polishing steps needed. If you want to polish an already existing floor, you will need to prepare the surface before polishing it. This helps remove dirt, coatings, grease, and blemishes.

If your floor is wavy, overly porous, or needs substantial patching, chances are it will not be ideal for polishing. To determine whether or not your floor is a good candidate, you’ll need the services of an experienced provider and this is where Absolute Escapes come in. The team comprises of qualified and experienced individuals who will determine the suitability of your floor.

In order to densify and solidify polished concrete surfaces, contractors use various methods. For instance, they may choose to introduce strong hardeners on the concrete. Often, this is done following the inaugural step of the grinding procedure.

Application of these products can be done on both existing and new floors and they work by chemically reacting with the concrete to form a solid crystalline structure. What’s more, they protect the surface from staining, dust, and water penetration. 

How Durable are Polished Concrete Floors?

Polished concrete floors are easy to clean, low maintenance, waterproof and durable. Still, the installation process your service provider uses plays a major role in determining its durability. Our polished concrete floors come with a 20-year guarantee.

Further, our experts are skilled enough and ensure that the installation process is as flawless as possible. We are also a call away to provide maintenance services when the need arises. Our polished concrete doesn’t promote mold growth and this creates a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. 


Your polished concrete floor will only last long with proper care and as we have seen above, they are low maintenance. All you will need to do is: vacuum or sweep the floor regularly to avoid the accumulation of grit and dust capable of scratching the floor and mop using warm water only.

Where possible, using a dry mop is recommended and you can opt for a microfiber mop. To maintain a proper sheen, you will need to polish the surface using a gentle and white polishing pad and a floor polisher. Avoid using hard detergents and chemicals because they can dim a polished concrete floor’s shine.