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How Much Do Polished
Concrete Floors Cost in Perth?
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How Much Do Polished Concrete Floors Cost in Perth?
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Cost for Polished
Concrete Floors

The least expensive polished concrete floors in Perth may cost you around $25 per square metre. Grind and seal can go for double that at around $50 per square metre. Prices for polished concrete floors will depend on the size of your project. Call us today for a quote.

The minimum charge for a job is 40 square metres. Pricing is indicative only and each job is to be considered on its own merits.

The cost for polished concrete floors in Perth is not uniform as there are factors to take into consideration such as the type of finish as well as how big the area to be worked on is. The least expensive may cost you around $25 per square metre.

Grind and seal will go for double that at approximately $50 per square metre. Honed concrete will set you at least $75 back while mechanical polishing will cost you about $100 per square metre.

While exposed aggregate & concrete is nothing new in the construction industry, polished concrete is relatively recent. It is popular because it gives a floor a very distinctively stylish, modern look that doesn’t scratch easily. Concrete floors that well done seldom need to be polished and look great.

However, polishing could give your floor that unique you have been looking for. The question is, how much will a polished floor cost you?

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The Process of
Polishing Concrete

To better understand the pricing, you need to know about the process. This knowledge is also important in order to understand why one polished concrete floor may be pricier than the next.

How Concrete is Polished

Concrete is polished in three ways:

The grind and seal concrete are required to be touched up every 5-10 years. This involves the removal halotestin cycle and reapplication of the non-penetrating sealer. Honed concrete lasts longer than grind and seal. The mechanical concrete, however, lasts the longest, especially for wet areas. It is no wonder that it costs the most.

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Asked for a quote and Sam was out next day. A week later Sam and his team did a ripper job on our exposed aggregate driveway and liquid limestone backyard. If you need to get a few quotes – do yourself a favour and make sure Absolute Scapes is one of them!
Our front and backyard look very modern now. Great service! No concern is overlooked, I would strongly recommend Absolute Scapes.
Only company that took the time to give a quote not just a sqm price. They are a reliable service with a great crew which made the whole process from start to finish easy. I will recommend them to anyone as they are professional and upfront.
Awesome job done by Sam and his team. They transformed a very old and tired front yard to a new, very fresh and neatly done one. The landscaping works which involved not only exposed aggregate installation but they also took on tasks like installation of electrical wiring underneath, cut out and construction of pillars with rendering to install a gate.etc. The project was completed on time and with quality, giving attention to detail. Very satisfied with the results and highly recommend.
Positive review!. Love our liquid limestone alfresco! Great job thanks so much!
Couldn’t be happier with the transformation at our house it looks amazing. Thanks to the team at absolute scapes. Highly recommend these guys.
Awesome quality and timing with a great value! strongly recommended!
Great guys to deal with and a quality job done. Would recommend to any one who is looking.
Amazing work great service will be calling you for more work soon !!!
Absolutely love our liquid limestone! Workers were great, on time and left no mess at all! Will definitely be using you guys for the front of our house when we can! Thanks again
I was really happy with the work completed at my place. I thought Sam was very professional and really good at communicating along the way. My neighbours commented on how professional the team were and how they appreciated how the tradies cleaned up when finished.

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How much do polished

concrete floors cost?

The pricing of concrete floors depends on a couple of factors:

You may, therefore, find that a small area costs more than a larger one. This is because small areas require more detail as well as more setup time. The following factors also affect pricing:

If you are yet to build your Perth home, contact Absolute Scapes for top-notch finishes as well as consultations on the best choice to make. They will start preparing for your floor even before construction begins.

There are three types of polishing methods to choose from depending on your lifestyle, budget as well as other specific needs you have. What you want is a floor that will upgrade your home and give it that classy look you want. Contact experienced services such as Absolute Scapes for a quotation as well as expert advice on how to go about your project.

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Where to find affordable polished
concrete in Perth, WA

If you are looking for flooring ideas or a new concrete design, a polished floor provides a smoothness surface that transforms a porous concrete floor into a tightened floor. Contact us today, your polished concrete experts in Perth for superior flooring solutions.

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