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Exposed Aggregate Driveway
Cost Breakdown

How much does exposed aggregate cost? The cost for an exposed aggregate driveway could range anywhere from $95 to $130 (generally) per square metre. The price per square metre could cost more depending on the type of finish and the size if the area.

Concrete driveway breakdown per m2:

The minimum charge for a job is 40 square metres. Pricing is indicative only and each job is to be considered on its own merits.

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How much does an exposed aggregate
concrete driveway cost per cubic meter?

The price of an exposed aggregate concrete driveway per cubic meter depends on its size. For example, an average driveway of approximately 30 square meters may cost $65 for each square meter. The project will cost you $2,000 and sometimes you may end up paying more. Remember, various factors will affect the final price like clearing the existing surface and using decorative elements.

Determining the most affordable option between exposed aggregate concrete and liquid limestone concrete can be difficult. The prices between these two materials often vary but the average cost of liquid limestone per square meter in Australia is approximately $50 to $70.

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Liquid limestone can be more costly than exposed aggregate concrete but many users say it’s worth the investment. Still, the price difference between liquid limestone and exposed concrete is not that wide. However, additional services like sealing the liquid limestone and the extent of your site can result in a huge difference in the final cost calculation. Consult professionals before adopting any of these options for proper guidance to help you make an informed decision.

The cost of honed concrete per meter can range between $100 and $180. Sometimes the prices could be lower beginning from $70 or $80. The final cost depends on various factors like the size of your space and your preferred materials. Some materials can be more costly than others.

Honed concrete is more expensive than exposed aggregate concrete. However, the final prices depend on the aggregates or materials used. While honed concrete is more expensive than exposed aggregate concrete, it requires minimal maintenance and can last for a long time compared to the latter. Adopting honed concrete can help you make long-term savings despite the high initial costs.

Both exposed aggregate and decorative concrete are cost-effective, durable, and require minimal maintenance practices. They require less attention which saves you effort, time, and money. Exposed aggregate concrete is cheaper than its decorative counterpart.

While the latter is not quite pricy, using concrete would be cost-efficient for larger spaces. The cost of decorative concrete is approximately $12o while exposed aggregate concrete costs roughly $100. These prices vary based on the steroids in usa contractor, materials used, location, and size of the project.

To determine your total costs you should know concrete costs per cubic meter. For each cubic meter of concrete, you will pay between $250 and $300 in Australia inclusive of material. Still, you can get cheaper and costlier concrete.

Exposed aggregate concrete has been around for many years now but polished concrete is a recent innovation. Polished finishes are popular because they give your floor a unique modern and stylish appearance.

When done well, an exposed aggregate concrete floor finish will not require polishing to look good. However, polishing can transform the floor to make it distinct. The cost of polished concrete varies and there are certain considerations to make before opting for this option.

You will pay between $25 and $100 for each square meter of polished concrete. The cost depends on the polishing method your professional uses. For example, mechanical polishing is costlier than sealing and grinding.

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How much does an exposed aggregate
concrete driveway cost per square meter?

If you are budgeting for your exposed aggregate concrete driveway project, getting the precise figures can be a daunting task. This is because the price of concrete per square meter in Australia lies between $50 and $150 based on your preferred finish, the magnitude of your project, and the extent of leveling you require.

If you opt for plain concrete, the cost per meter will fall between $60 and $85. Prepare to spend between $50 and $75 for each square meter if you are using spray-on concrete. Colored concrete will cost you between $75 and $90 per square meter.

For a decorative stenciled or exposed aggregate concrete finish, property owners will pay anything between $100 and $150 for each square meter. The cost of an augmented concrete pathway will be $65 to $90 per square meter.

Concrete project costs depend on various factors such as:

Often, decorative concrete costs are higher than standard concrete slab prices. Like we have seen above. While labor charges vary across Australia, many concreters will charge approximately $67.50 per hour on average. Concreters work with advanced and expensive equipment that accelerate the process to ensure the general concrete cost per m3 or m2 is affordable.

To order a cubic meter of exposed concrete direct from a concrete distributor in Australia you will pay between $200 and $350. The price you pay will depend on the concrete’s strength. Suppose you want to remove already existing concrete or are renovating, you want to include the concrete cutting expenses depending on how deep the concrete is. For example, cutting 100mm concrete will cost $15 per meter.

Consult a professional concrete installer if you seek exposed aggregate concrete in Australia. They can give you a precise cost estimation depending on your unique requirements and project needs. Equipped with the proper guidance and knowledge, only the cost separates you from an eye-catching exposed aggregate concrete finish in your home. Before choosing exposed aggregate concrete for your project, consider the total size you need to cover.

Exposed aggregate concrete is cost-effective in various ways. Apart from being durable, it can resist a wide range of weights and elements. It is also a robust material that is ideal for people with kids because it comes with a non-skid texture. Further, exposed aggregate does not require heavy maintenance practices, especially along the walkways.

Compared to other standard concrete driveways, exposed aggregate is more expensive because it involves labor and material expense. While plain or standard concrete per square meter in Australia costs between $60 and $85, homeowners will pay between $95 and $130 per square meter for exposed aggregate concrete. These high prices are justified because exposed aggregate involves the use of pea gravel which can be costly.

An exposed aggregate driveway costs approximately $90 to $100 per m2 in Australia. However, this cost can be higher depending on the size of the driveway and the finish you choose. For instance, a 30 square meters exposed aggregate driveway may cost approximately $65 per m2.

Different factors influence the final project price, such as removing the existing surface and using decorative finishing. If you choose plain concrete, your driveway per meter will cost between $60 and $85. If you use spray-on concrete, the price per m2 will fall between $50 and $75. The cost of coloured concrete ranges from $75 to $90 per square meter.

If you prefer exposed aggregate concrete or a decorative stencilled finish, the price will be higher. Homeowners who prefer augmented concrete will pay between $65 and $90 per square meter. Different factors affect the cost of an exposed aggregate driveway.

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Our front and backyard look very modern now. Great service! No concern is overlooked, I would strongly recommend Absolute Scapes.
Only company that took the time to give a quote not just a sqm price. They are a reliable service with a great crew which made the whole process from start to finish easy. I will recommend them to anyone as they are professional and upfront.
Awesome job done by Sam and his team. They transformed a very old and tired front yard to a new, very fresh and neatly done one. The landscaping works which involved not only exposed aggregate installation but they also took on tasks like installation of electrical wiring underneath, cut out and construction of pillars with rendering to install a gate.etc. The project was completed on time and with quality, giving attention to detail. Very satisfied with the results and highly recommend.
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I was really happy with the work completed at my place. I thought Sam was very professional and really good at communicating along the way. My neighbours commented on how professional the team were and how they appreciated how the tradies cleaned up when finished.
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Is exposed aggregate
concrete more expensive?

Many building owners use exposed aggregate concrete to achieve a decorative effect and a durable finish on their patios, driveways, and pathways. If you want to use exposed aggregate concrete on your paving or driveway you must first determine the prices within your local area.

The cost of Exposed aggregate concrete per square meter inclusive of labor is between $100 and $150. If you order direct from your distributor you could end up paying between $200 and $350, based on your preferred strength.

The cost of exposed aggregate concrete is double the amount you would pay for standard concrete. This is because there are added material expenses for the aggregate concreters’ use and creating the finish requires more labor.

Standard poured concrete driveways with no aggregates, stains, or colorings can cost up to $4 for each square foot. However, incorporating an aggregate and going through the process of exposing it can increase the cost. While any DIY enthusiast can pour standard concrete across their driveways, exposing aggregate can be a tough process requiring a professional’s assistance.

After pouring the concrete and curing the exposed aggregate, it will require sealing to expose the shine. Further, the driveway will require another seal after three to five years to maintain an attractive look and safeguard it against extreme elements like cold and hot temperatures.

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