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The Estimated costs

For Liquid Limestone per m2

Liquid limestone in Perth costs from an average of $75 per square metre depending on several factors. The price varies based on the site’s condition and how much liquid limestone should be laid.

The cost of liquid limestone per m2 ranges between $60 and $80. Here is a general breakdown to help you understand the pricing concept:

Liquid Limestone Cost per m2
Limestone Walkways (80mm) $75 per m2
Limestone Driveways (Around 100mm) $75 per m2
Colour Quote on site
Sealer supply and install Quote on site
Extra preparation on site Quote on site

The above table is a rough guide on pricing. The minimum charge for a job is 40 square metres. Pricing is indicative only and each job is to be considered on its own merits.

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Liquid Limestone

Pricing FAQ

The average cost of poured limestone is between $60 and $80 per square meter. However, various factors influence the cost. Poured limestone is made from a mixture of cement and crushed limestone. This combination forms a smooth mixture that trenbolone acetate side effects homeowners can pour and level to form a flat surface. As seen below, poured limestone offers many advantages over other paving options.

Choosing the most cost-effective option between liquid limestone in Perth and exposed aggregate can take time and effort. While the prices vary slightly, the cost of liquid limestone per m2 sells for between $60 and $80.

Exposed aggregate costs range between $90 and $100 per m2. Various factors determine the cost of exposed aggregate, such as the materials used, the size and complexity of your site, and site accessibility.

The price of liquid limestone driveway in ranges from $60 to $80 per square meter. There are various factors to consider when calculating the cost of paving a driveway, as seen below.

The current condition of the driveway determines the total cost of the paving works. The cost will be high if you need to replace the entire driveway. However, if you make a few renovations to improve the appearance of your driveway, you will spend less money.

If you have a big driveway, you will need more materials, labour, and time to pave it. Extending or widening the driveway is cheaper than paving the entire driveway. If you are working on a budget, resurfacing the driveway can be more cost-effective.

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Where You Can Use

Liquid Limestone Concrete

These are the areas where liquid limestone can be used as a paving method:


Some of the factors that determine the overall cost of your liquid limestone project include things like:

Liquid limestone is an excellent material that homeowners can use to improve the appearance of their homes. While it requires minimal maintenance, homeowners may need to clean it occasionally. While many consider liquid limestone more expensive than other outdoor paving options, it’s not. Many Australian residents associate liquid limestone with modern office blocks and elegant homes.

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Things You Need to Know

About Poured Liquid Limestone

As its name suggests, liquid or fluid limestone is basically crushed limestone mixed with cement to form a smooth mixture that can be poured and levelled to create a flat surface. Our liquid limestone Perth service has so many advantages over the other paving methods as outlined below.

Liquid limestone is easy to maintain – The liquidized limestone cement mixture once poured forms an even and airtight surface that doesn’t allow sand and ants unlike paving. It’s therefore easy to maintain and clean. Liquid limestone paving can be tailored to your specific preference. You can have a charcoal or natural limestone colours to customize your project.

Liquid limestone does not trap much heat due to its colour and composition, this makes it ideal for pool surrounds, surfaces and patios as ‘it’s comfortable to walk on even with bare feet. Flexible budgeting – The beauty of using liquid limestone as a paving method is the flexibility of the cost.

Liquid limestone gives your home a modern and classy look. Most modern constructions prefer to use liquid limestone customized to match the overall aesthetics within a compound. It can match the walls and other surfaces in the compound or have a contrasting/cooling colour.

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Asked for a quote and Sam was out next day. A week later Sam and his team did a ripper job on our exposed aggregate driveway and liquid limestone backyard. If you need to get a few quotes – do yourself a favour and make sure Absolute Scapes is one of them!
Our front and backyard look very modern now. Great service! No concern is overlooked, I would strongly recommend Absolute Scapes.
Only company that took the time to give a quote not just a sqm price. They are a reliable service with a great crew which made the whole process from start to finish easy. I will recommend them to anyone as they are professional and upfront.
Awesome job done by Sam and his team. They transformed a very old and tired front yard to a new, very fresh and neatly done one. The landscaping works which involved not only exposed aggregate installation but they also took on tasks like installation of electrical wiring underneath, cut out and construction of pillars with rendering to install a gate.etc. The project was completed on time and with quality, giving attention to detail. Very satisfied with the results and highly recommend.
Positive review!. Love our liquid limestone alfresco! Great job thanks so much!
Couldn’t be happier with the transformation at our house it looks amazing. Thanks to the team at absolute scapes. Highly recommend these guys.
Awesome quality and timing with a great value! strongly recommended!
Great guys to deal with and a quality job done. Would recommend to any one who is looking.
Amazing work great service will be calling you for more work soon !!!
Absolutely love our liquid limestone! Workers were great, on time and left no mess at all! Will definitely be using you guys for the front of our house when we can! Thanks again
I was really happy with the work completed at my place. I thought Sam was very professional and really good at communicating along the way. My neighbours commented on how professional the team were and how they appreciated how the tradies cleaned up when finished.
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Where to Find Affordable Liquid Limestone in Perth, WA

Absolute Scapes is your reliable partner when it comes to liquid limestone in Perth. You can talk to the professionals in Perth at Absolute Scapes about your liquid paving needs to come up with an appropriate plan that suits your requirements and budget.

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