One thing to know about the two types of stone finishes is that you can choose either. Neither one can be said to be superior to the other even with regard to the effect they have on the stone slab. Some stones are more durable than others, so the effect of the aggregate may not come into play.

However, there are materials that may benefit more from polished stones finishes because they are weak and can quickly wear out. Stone finishes add that extra layer that protects the surface.

Options of Finishes                            

It is important to be aware of the different finishes that you can choose from before making a firm decision on one. In addition, you need to see what they look like. Then you will be in a position to make the most suitable choice for your home and family.

What Honed and Polished Finishes Look Like

Polished Finish

A polished finished is glossy and brings out the colour and outlines of the stone. A polished stone brings to the surface everything that makes it beautiful. The details are highlighted clearly and one can see the hues and colours as the light bounces off the stone.

Well done finishes such as those that Absolute Scapes is associated with bring out the natural hues of the stone as well as the additional decorative features that are highlighted by the light and the polish.

polished concrete difference

Honed Finish

A honed finish is more satiny and does not reflect light as much as the polished finish does. It is smooth and flat and gives the illusion of being lighter in colour. How much honing is done is purely dependent on the stone. However, it falls in degrees between light and heavy.

honed concrete difference

Your Lifestyle Will Dictate the Application You Choose

If you are fond of decoration and colour, then you will go for the application that brings more of that to the surface. Imperfection in the floor can really irksome homeowners. Should you fall into this category, you may prefer to go with honing. This is because honed surfaces are perfect for areas that are highly trafficked.

Workspaces, swimming pools and countertops are some surfaces that would do better with the honing application. Honed spaces are also matte which makes them less slippery when wet. This makes them safe for heavily trafficked areas.

The Polished application is more suitable for less-trafficked sections. However, if you find that this is what you want, you can still have it reinforced with preventive measures. Then you will not have to see those pesky scratches and etching that drive you to distraction. See how durable polished concrete is here.


Polished surfaces may be more vulnerable to imperfections as they easily get scratches that cannot be easily hidden. Honed ones have an advantage because they are already matte. Therefore, scratches and other imperfections can be camouflaged.

It is possible to escape issues such as stains if both polished and honed finishes are sealed properly. For instance, a polished finish could use an extra layer to protect it from stains. This makes a polished stone to have more protection than the honed one because the latter has open pores that get fluid. With proper sealing, the open pores will be closed.